Flex Ed offers a great opportunity to finish courses that have been started, but not completed, due to several circumstances:

1. Is Flex- Ed appropriate for my student?

• has mastered at least 40-45% of the course expectations – Flex Ed to address ‘in-progress’
• can work online and access teacher/tutor as necessary
• requires review of content before moving to next level/course
• holidays/moving/leaving school prior to completing the year – or other gaps in learning

2. How does Flex Ed work?

• available 12 months of the year – course package deadline is September 1st.
• full modules/topics assigned by SOR teachers or (when possible) your teachers identify which specific assignments/tests a student needs on an individual basis;  we recommend that tests are part of the required work.
• textbooks are supplied by SCIDES if you can’t arrange your own (refundable textbook deposit of $50 if books are required)
• cost up to one quarter of course work, $150, which is non-refundable. Other situations can be arranged with SCIDES as needed.
• SOR will be billed for all costs. Schools who choose to have parents pay, must collect from the parent. SCIDES cannot accept payment directly from student/parents.

3. Application process.

a. Your school must  Complete Flex Ed application form .  See link below.
b. Fax/email application to SCIDES ( 250 378 2158/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
c. Consult with an Academic Counselor at SCIDES to clarify process/expectations or to arrange personalized course packages.

4. Student Progress: keeping you informed

  • Students are responsible for notifying their School of Record counselor when they have completed the requirements of the package.
  • SOR counselors are encouraged to check progress with the SCIDES Teacher as required.
  • SCIDES teachers will endeavor to notify SOR when Flex Ed requirements are complete.

SCIDES does not assign final grades for any Flex Ed course. Individual assignment marks are reported and your SOR (the school you normally attend) will use this information to assign a final grade.

We are happy to provide information on your student's progress by phone or email at any time. Teachers are available during school hours and our office is open 8 - 4 Mon. - Fri. Summer hours may be slightly different.

You can also access student information using our Progress Report portal. Please contact SCIDES for your school's access username and password. 

Contact us today to see if this program is right for you!