Grade 12 Courses Summary

Grade 12 is usually a student’s last year of high school. This is the year they attempt to finish meeting their graduation requirements.

In grade 12, the courses needed for graduation are:

  • a Language Arts (aka English) 12 **Has a provincial exam with 40% of the total course mark**(
  • Career Life Connection & Capstone Project
  • Social Studies 11
  • Mathematics 11 or 12
  • a Science 11 or 12
  • a Fine Arts and/or an Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12
  • a student is also required to take 7 electives for graduation (3 of which must be a grade 12 level course)
  • All student are required to take a Numeracy Exam before graduation (unless they took a grade 10 provincial exam):

*We also offer all the Rosetta Stone languages. Underneath course categories, select “International Language” and have a peek at all the different languages we offer. Chose the one that interests you the most!*

**Wondering about trades and apprenticeships and the jobs that could be available to you? We have those too.  On the SCIDES website, under Programs, select Trades Programs”.**


September 2019

* Workplace Math 11   (formerly A&W Math 11)
* Apprenticeship Math 12  (formerly A&W Math 12)
* Food Studies 11   (formerly Food & Nutrition 11)
* Food Studies 12   (formerly Food & Nutrition 12)
* Explorations in Social Studies 11  (formerly Social Studies 11 )
 Science for Citizens 11 is now here!  Contact us to sign up.

Interpersonal and Family Relations 11 is now here!  Contact us to sign up.

And keep watching for even more as 2019-2020 unfolds!
* Housing & Living Environments 12  (formerly Family Studies 12) -coming soon
* Human Geography 12 - coming soon

Anatomy & Physiology 12

4 credits

This course replaces Biology 12

Learn how the body’s internal environment is regulated by biological molecules, enzymes, genes and DNA, and body organs. A close look is taken at the organ systems in the human body and how they work together to keep us healthy. Some problems that might occur in the body are also studied from the molecular viewpoint.

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Calculus 12

4 credits

This course intends to meet several objectives. To provide students with:

  • skills in calculus while they are still in high school
  • a better preparation for calculus in college and university.

Content will include units on differentiation and integration and applications of each. Students who plan on registering in a university or college math course are strongly recommended to take this course.

Prerequisites: Pre-calculus 11 with minimum 80% and be enrolled in Pre-calculus 12; or successfully completed Pre-calculus 12

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Career Life Connections & Capstone Project

4 credits - course required for graduation

This course covers:
* an awareness that self-assessment and preparation are needed to achieve post-graduation goals and plans
* cultivation and nurturing of interpersonal, intercultural, collaborative and social skills
* communication skills and how they are developed

Please Note: This course will require a minimum of two months to complete. You will not be able to finish it in less time than that.

Career Life Connections is also offered as two separate courses, worth 2 credits each.  Contact SCIDES  for more information.
Career Life Connections A
Career Life Connections B - Capstone Project

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Chemistry 12

4 credits

This course provides a more in-depth examination of several important branches of Chemistry. A scientific calculator with exponential and logarithmic functions is required. The major topics include:

  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Solubility
  • Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Oxidation-Reduction

Prerequisites: Chemistry 11, Pre-calculus 12 or permission of the instructor. Note that CH12 is highly mathematical.

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Child Development & Caregiving 12

4 credits

As children, we see the world differently than we do as teenagers and adults.  It is a world full of magical creatures and strange, exciting things. But what makes childhood such a wondrous time of learning and exploration? What can caregivers do to encourage this? In Child Development and Caregiving, you will learn more about understanding the childhood experience. Learn how to create interesting lessons and stimulating learning environments that provide a safe and encouraging experience for children. Discover how to get children excited about learning and, just as importantly, to feel confident about their abilities. Early childhood teachers have the unique opportunity to help build a strong base for their young
students’ life-long education.

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Cosmetology 12: Cutting Edge Styles (BAA)

Board Approved course (BAA)

Students will explore career options in the field of cosmetology. Research into some of the common techniques used in caring for hair, nails, and skin in salons, spas, and other cosmetology-related businesses will also be presented.

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards General Grade 12 Electives in the BC Graduation Program.

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Criminology 12: Inside the Criminal Mind (BAA)

Board Approved course (BAA)

In today’s society, crime and deviant behaviour are often one of the top concerns of society members. From the nightly news to personal experiences with victimization, crime seems to be all around us. In this course, we will explore the field of criminology or the study of crime. In doing so, we will look at possible explanations for crime from psychological, biological, and sociological standpoints, explore the various types of crime and their consequences for society, and investigate how crime and criminals are handled by the criminal justice system. Why do some individuals commit crimes but others don’t? What aspects in our culture and society promote crime and deviance? Why do individuals receive different punishments for the same crime? What factors shape the criminal case process, from arrest to punishments?

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards General Grade 12 Electives in the BC Graduation Program.

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E-Commerce 12

4 credits

This course addresses learning related to business development and practice using online channels.  Focus includes digital retail, revenue models, distribution solutions, and marketing practice.

8 units:
Global Commerce, International Finance, Regional Integration, Trade Relations, International Legal Agreements, Cultural Influences, Global Organizations, Global Logistics and Marketing 

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English Studies 12

4 credits

The required English Studies 12 course builds on and extends students’ previous learning experiences in ELA and EFP 10 and 11 courses. It is designed for all students and provides them with opportunities to:

  • refine their ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and to achieve their personal and career goals
  • think critically and creatively about the uses of language
  • explore texts from a variety of sources, in multiple modes, and that reflect diverse worldviews
  • deepen their understanding of themselves and others in a changing world
  • gain insight into the diverse factors that shape identity
  • appreciate the importance of self-representation through text
  • contribute to Reconciliation by building greater understanding of the knowledge and perspectives of First Peoples
  • expand their understanding of what it means to be educated Canadian and global citizens

Prerequisite: English 11

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Food Studies 12

4 credits

The aim of the Food Studies 11 and 12 curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have immediate and future applications in their personal and family lives, as well as in local and global environments, including understanding the principles of healthy eating to plan and create nutritious foods for individuals, groups, and family members; increasing knowledge of the nutritional, social, and economic factors that affect food selection and preparation; practicing and thinking critically about principles and techniques related to acquisition, production, and consumption of foods.

Grade 12 General Electives in the BC Graduation Program

Prerequisites: None

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Forensics 12 (BAA):  More Secrets of the Dead

Board Approved course (BAA)

Although the crime scene represents the first step in solving crimes through forensic science, the crime laboratory plays a critical role in the analysis of evidence. This course focuses on the analysis of evidence and testing that takes place within this setting. We will examine some of the basic scientific principles and knowledge that guides forensic laboratory processes, such as those testing DNA, toxicology, and material analysis. Techniques such as microscopy, chromatography, odontology, entomology, mineralogy, and spectroscopy will be examined.

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards General Electives in the BC Graduation Program. 

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French 12

4 credits

French 12 is an advanced level, interactive, online French as a second language course focusing on communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting.

In this course, you will build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding you already have to become even more confident and fluent in French. It is expected that in tackling French 12, you are comfortable reading, writing and speaking in French in a variety of contexts and circumstances. All of the instruction for this course will be delivered in French, just as it would be if you were in a regular Grade 12 French classroom setting.
As much as possible, we will be using authentic French language resources as content in place of a text or workbook.

Prerequisites: French 11 or permission from the teacher

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20th Century World History 12

4 credits

History 12 introduces you to the history of the twentieth century, beginning with the treaties that ended World War I and ending with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. While studying these events, you will also be learning something of the skills necessary to interpret historical events -- how to ensure historical information is accurate and relevant, how to develop historical empathy, and how to present clear, logical arguments based on a knowledge of the events, for example. These skills will be helpful to you throughout life.

The ability to write well is an essential skill needed for this course. Only students who excel at essay writing should consider History 12.

Prerequisites: SS11

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International languages 12 (explore these 16 different and wonderful languages) all BAA

4 credits

You'd like to speak another language. You can, with a Rosetta Stone VERSION 3 program that's so learner-friendly, we are positive you will see results. You'll immerse yourself in your new language from the moment you start up, so learning happens quickly. You'll enjoy a guiding hand that gives you feedback when you need it, the freedom to learn whenever and whenever, and connections to learners and teachers who will help put your new language into practice naturally.

These fundamental language course takes students from beginner basics to Grade 12 competence. 

NOTE:  This course is Board/Authority Authorized (BAA).   It can be used for FOUR Grade 12 credits towards graduation but is usually NOT accepted by universities as a Grade 12 language course.  Check with University Admissions.

Choose from one (or more) of these 16 courses:

BAA Arabic 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Dutch 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Filipino 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Greek 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Hindi 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Irish 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Italian 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Japanese 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Korean 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

        BAA Mandarin 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Polish 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Portuguese 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Russian 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Swedish 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Turkish 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

BAA Vietnamese 12 (Fundamental) - Beginner's Course

No Prerequisites, only the love of languages!

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Law Studies 12

4 credits

Law Studies 12 fosters skills and attitudes that enhances your abilities to address legal, social, and ethical issues, and reflect critically on the role of law in society.

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 11

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Apprenticeship Math 12

4 credits

Topics include limitations with measuring instruments, trigonometry, transformations of 2D and 3D objects, logic reasoning, linear relationships, and statistical analysis. The concepts will be reinforced through problems that reflect how math is used in our daily lives.

Prerequisite:  Workplace Math 11 or FOM 11 or PreCalc 11

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Foundations of Math 12

4 credits

Foundations of Mathematics 12 is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for post-secondary studies in programs that do not require the study of theoretical calculus. Topics include financial mathematics, logical reasoning, probability, relations and functions. The seven mathematical process (communication, connections, mental mathematics and estimation, problem solving, technology and visualization) are interwoven throughout the mathematical topics.

Prerequisites: FOM 11 or Pre-Calc 11

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Pre-Calculus 12

4 credits

Pre-calculus 12 is designed for students who have a particular interest in mathematics, or who have career aspirations in the fields of engineering, mathematics, the sciences, economics, and some business programs. The main purpose is to develop the skills needed to continue on with the study of calculus. This course relies heavily on topics covered in previous grades. It is strongly suggested that students with less than 60-65% in Pre-calculus Math 11 discuss their course selection carefully with their teacher. Topics include graphing transformations, polynomial, rational and radical functions, logarithms, trigonometry and combinatorics.

Prerequisites: Pre-calculus 11, Graphic calculators also required

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Physical Geography 12

4 credits

Geography is a discipline that integrates many subjects and addresses both the physical and human-created systems of the world in the study of people, places, and
environments. As an ever increasing world population puts more and more demands on the planet’s resources, there is a need for a society that is geographically literate and
therefore able to make informed decisions about the sustainability of the earth’s resources and the future of the planet.

 Prerequisite:  Social Studies 11 or equivalent

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Physics 12

4 credits

Students will apply vector analysis to a variety of problem-solving situations. This course is intended for serious students who are continuing their education at university. Major topics include:

  • Kinematics (motion)
  • Dynamics (forces)
  • Energy & Momentum
  • Equilibrium (static forces)
  • Circular Motion & Gravity
  • Electrostatics
  • Circuits
  • Electromagnetism

Prerequisites: Physics 11, Pre-calculus 11 is also recommended, however not necessarily required. Strong problem solving skills are an asset. 

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Psychology 12 (BAA): Living in a Complex World

Board Approved course (BAA)

Enrich the quality of your life by learning to understand the actions of others! Topics include the study of memory, intelligence, emotion, health, stress and personality. This course offers exciting online psychology experiments about the world around us.

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards General Electives in the BC Graduation requirements

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Social Justice 12

Social Justice 12 will change the way you see the world. Students will have the opportunity to study the legal, political, ethical, and economic perspectives that inform Canadian concepts of justice and equality by examining issues like ethnicity, race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, marital and family status, poverty, and privilege. We will look at social justice matters both locally and globally for the purpose of developing global citizenship practices that promote social justice, such as recognizing injustice, fair-mindedness, embracing diversity, empathy, and taking action.

As this is a Grade 12 course, students will be expected to demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills reflective of learning standards at the senior secondary level.  Maturity and respect in dealing with the topics within Social Justice 12 is necessary.  

This course satisfies the Social Studies 11 credit in the BC Graduation requirements.

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Tourism 12: ( Hospitality & Tourism) Traveling the Globe

With greater disposable income and more opportunities for business travel, people are traversing the globe in growing numbers. As a result, hospitality and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This course will introduce students to the hospitality and tourism industry, including hotel and restaurant management, cruise ships, spas, resorts, theme parks, and other areas. Students will learn about key hospitality issues, the development and management of tourist locations, event planning, marketing, and environmental issues related to leisure and travel. The course also examines some current and future trends in the field.

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards applied skills electives for the BC Graduation Program. 

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Visual Arts 12 - Photography

There are a number of reasons that might bring someone to take a photography course:

  • Desire to learn to use a new camera
  • Frustration with poor quality photos and not sure how to fix them
  • A previous interest in photography and wanting to learn more
  • An interest in art and its many mediums

These, of course, aren’t the only reasons someone might enroll in a photography course, but they are among the most common.

This course satisfies 4 Credits towards a fine arts/applied skills grade 12 course in the BC Graduation requirements. 

Prerequisite: Photography 11 is suggested; course requires a Digital SLR Camera with a lens

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WEx A and B

4 credits

Designed for Grade 11 and 12 students who wish to combine school with career exploration through practical, hands-on work experience. The school's Career Facilitator will arrange volunteer work experience placements for you that fit your strengths and interests.

Prerequisites: None

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Workplace Certificates Training Course

Workplace Certificates Course (WTC) is a grade 12 level course where you can get 1-4 credits (based on hours completed) for job training that has accepted certifications within the work force. Some examples would be Food Safe, Serving it Right, First Aid (any level), Flagging ticket, Forklift Operator, Air Brakes, etc. The list is almost endless with the requirement being it is an industry accepted certification.

WTC 12  4 Gr.12 Credits

Prerequisites: Certifications must be first approved by the WTC teacher.  Contact SCIDES and ask for the Trades Coordinator.