Secondary (Gr. 10-12) Athletic Program:

Starting on September 1, 2023, SCIDES will offer a new range of sport-specific courses designed for athletes in grades 10-12 to gain credit for training and competing while supplementing their athletic competition with learning aimed at facilitating both personal and athletic growth. Our current grades 10-12 course offerings include High-Performance Athlete 11, High-Performance Athlete 12, Hockey Academy 10, Hockey Academy 11, Hockey Academy 12, Fitness and Conditioning 11, and Fitness and Conditioning 12. These courses are open to both school of record and cross-enrolled learners. If you come to SCIDES as a full-time school of record student-athlete, your enrollment in these athletic courses is supplemented with course offerings across the core subjects of English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. If you are a cross-enrolled student, you are free to enroll in these athlete-specific courses while attending your main school.

The vision of our online athletic department is grounded in our firm belief that online learning provides optimal educational programming for student-athletes. Have you ever missed out on training or competition because of your school schedule? Have you ever missed out on schoolwork due to your training or competition? With SCIDES online programming, you no longer need to worry about this. SCIDES learners can access course content, assignments, and learning whenever they want and from wherever they want. If your athletic competition takes you on the road lots, your schoolwork and learning can come with you. Also, as an online school, SCIDES is not bound by traditional school hours, allowing athletes to create a schedule that maximizes both training and learning time. Does most of your athletic training take place in the morning? No matter, you can engage with your schoolwork in the afternoon or evening! The critical point here is that you do not need to sacrifice training for learning or vice versa.

In addition to our flexible programming, we believe that athletes deserve graduation credit for the hard work they put into their athletic training and competition. Our athlete-specific courses allow this to happen, as 60% of your grade stems from your training and competition hours. On top of earning credit for your hard work at training and competing, each course provides supplemental learning specific to the principles of athletic competition. This addition provides learners the opportunity to deepen their understanding of athletics from a physical, mental, and social perspective. For more information on each course, please read the synopses under the ‘courses’ section of our SCIDES website.

Since our program launch, many student-athletes have seen the value in SCIDES’ offerings. Currently, our athletic department includes 16 WHL hockey players, 5 BCHL hockey players, 1 KIJHL hockey player, 3 community minor hockey league players, 3 competitive figure skaters, 1 competitive rodeo’er, and approximately 7 students focused on the principles of fitness and conditioning. All this since September 1, 2023!

As you can see, our athletic department meets the needs of a diverse range of athletes, something we take great pride in. This program is designed to benefit all learners at any level of school-aged athletic competition. From junior hockey to school-based track and field, and everything in between, the aim is to provide relevant learning across the spectrum of athletics.

We want you to know that we consider this a beginning and will continue to explore new course options to meet the needs of as many individuals as possible! If you are an athlete or interested in athletics, a full-time SCIDES student, cross-enrolled, or looking to cross-enroll, we encourage you to sign up!

If you are interested in this programming, please contact Mr. Corey Hermiston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RINK Hockey Academy R1 Program:

As of September 1, 2023, SCIDES has partnered with RINK Hockey Academy in Lake Country, British Columbia, to facilitate education for athletes enrolled in the grades 5 through 8 R1 Academy program. This model represents a hybrid education model where learners engage with SCIDES online content while benefiting from an in-person SCIDES teacher on-site at the RINK facility. This blended-learning model allows RINK athletes to form a cohort that engages in both athletic training and education as a group. In this setting, in-person communities can benefit from the flexibility of SCIDES online programming as it allows them to build a schedule that optimizes both athletic training and education from a static location.

For more information on the RINK’s R1 program, including how you can sign up, you can visit their website here:  R1 Hockey Academy | Kelowna 

For those interested in the potential of a similar partnership with SCIDES, please contact the school Principal, Dan Duncan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.