Welcome to our test supervision information page!

Please contact our office at any time for clarification of our test supervision policies

The general steps for test supervision approval are:

  • the student selects an approved test supervisor (some guidance listed below),
  • the proposed supervisor fills out the test supervision form (see the very bottom of this page),
  • the form is then sent to SCIDES for approval (email, fax),
  • the SCIDES team does some inquiry on the test supervisor to ensure they are a good fit and meet our criteria,
  • either way, approved or not approved, the SCIDES team will inform you of our decision,
  • if approved, the supervisor is sent an email with all the test information (only if you are fully engaged in your learning and all registration item are in),
  • it is then up to the student to connect with the supervisor to ensure they received the test information and to schedule test dates,

Please be sure to thank your supervisor frequently as they are volunteering their valuable time to help you with your educational goals.

If you are a Cross-enrolled Student

If you are full time at a brick and mortar school, a face to face school, and only taking one or two courses with SCIDES (SCIDES is not your homeschool, you attend another school full time), we hope you are able to take your tests at your homeschool.  Most often, we find that other public schools are prepared to co-assist our shared students as they engage in tests.  Ask your school counselor or administrator if this is a possibility; it is the easiest way to ensure a secure test environment.  However, if they are unable to help, there are other options.  Keep reading.

Please print off the test form at the bottom of the page and have one of your teachers, support teachers, or counsellors (or even Principal or Vice-Principal) fill out the form and return it to us at least two weeks before your intended test date.

If SCIDES is your only school (we are your school of record), you are not in any other school, and you live in Merritt or the surrounding areas, SCIDES will be your test site.  If you live in or near Princeton, PSS will be your test site.


If you are not in any other school and live outside of Merritt, you will need to find a test site and send in the application form for approval.

Test Supervisors cannot be private individuals but need to be officials, bound by ethical standards.

Ensuring a secure test environment is important to everyone.  Here is a brief summary of all possibilities and requirements:

Test Supervisors must:

  • be an adult, not related to the student, not a correspondence student, and not living at the same address (and meet the approved site criteria)
  • complete and sign the supervision form, and return to SCIDES as soon as possible

Following receipt and approval of the form:

  • paper tests will be forwarded directly to the new Test Supervisor (mail, fax or email)
  • online test login information and passwords will be forwarded directly to the Test Supervisor

 Common test supervision sites include:

  • Local adult education (upgrading) facility;
  • A full-time librarian at a local library (most common);
  • A professor or instructor at a recognized public post-secondary institution (although most do charge a fee for this);
  • An administrative or professional staff member of a recognized public or private post-secondary institution (although most do charge a fee for this);
  • An administrative or professional staff member of a public library or a library in a public school;
  • An administrative or faculty staff member of a public or private elementary or secondary school;
  • A full-time or part-time human resources professional who works in a dedicated HR department;
  • A ranking officer in the Armed Forces;
  • Local church official;
  • Fire department (Chief);
  • Police station (ranking officer);
  • An official at an embassy or consulate office
  • Commonly used test sites include:
    • If in Victoria: SIDES
    • If in Chilliwack: FVDES
    • If in Abbotsford: Abbotsford Virtual School
    • If in Langley: City of Langley Library
    • If in the Okanagan: Any of the Okanagan Regional Public libraries
    • If in Richmond: Richmond Virtual School (may charge a fee)
    • If in Coquitlam: Coquitlam Learning Opportunities Centre (will charge a fee)
    • If in Greater Vancouver Locations: Vancouver Learning Network
    • If in West Vancouver: Librarian: West Vancouver Memorial Library; 1950 Marine Drive | West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J8;  https://westvanlibrary.ca/research-learn/learn/exam-invigilation-services


Download the fillable test supervision form here: