SCIDES is proud to offer educational programming designed to meet the unique needs of student athletes. Our tailored programming is ideal for student athletes as it works with the demands of athletic competition to ensure learners are not sacrificing education for competition or vice versa. Our All Sport Program delivers comprehensive education that covers all BC graduation requirements. 

Program Benefits

  • Our online platform allows students to access content anytime from anywhere.
  • There are no set school hours! Students can create a schedule tailored to their needs, optimizing both education and competition.
  • 9 athlete specific elective courses from grades 10-12, with more in development.
  • A dedicated athlete program coordinator (Corey Hermiston) who is a former student athlete with a deep understanding of student athlete life. 
  • Coordinator also teaches English, Social Studies, and athlete electives, enhancing program continuity and congruency.
  • Individualized grad plan for full time students based on educational goals (BC graduation, Canadian University, NCAA, etc.).
  • BC Certified teaching staff across all subjects, including a full time Student Support Services teacher.

Enrollment Requirements

  • You compete regularly in a sport at any level. Generally, this means weekly competition, though there are certain sport exceptions. 
  • You engage in practice and skill development in your sport multiple days per week.
  • In addition to your training and competition, you engage in physical and mental training multiple days per week.
  • You are a dedicated learner committed to your education. 
  • You are a resident of British Columbia (anywhere in the province) OR are training/competing outside the province but maintain a BC address and live at this address at various points throughout the year. 

If you feel like the All Sport Program is a fit for you, please contact:

SCIDES Competitive Athlete Program Coordinator, Corey Hermiston

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Big congrats to SCIDES Competitive Athlete Program students selected in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft this past weekend. What an incredible accomplishment!! Shout out to:

Cayden Lindstrom, 1st round, 4th overall, Columbus Blue Jackets.
Ryder Ritchie, 2nd round, 45th overall, Minnesota Wild
Evan Gardner, 2nd round, 60th overall, Columbus Blue Jackets
Miguel Marques, 3rd round, 87th overall, Nashville Predators
Hiroki Gojsic, 3rd round, 94th overall, Nashville Predators
Tomas Mrsic, 4th round, 113th overall, St Louis Blues
Will McIsaac, 5th round, 145th overall, St. Louis Blues

SCIDES is extremely proud of these individuals and all the hard work they have put into balancing high-performance athletics and education and are pleased to provide flexible education that facilitates this balance. We wish these student athletes and SCIDES graduates all the best as they move on from SCIDES high school and pursue their NHL dreams. Well done gentleman!