(Updated April, 2023)

At KLC, we are committed to providing a safe, caring learning environment for everyone – whether on site or in the virtual setting of the internet – regardless of their gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or culture. The BC Human Rights Code provides us with a guideline, which we are dedicated to following. We believe that a supportive environment, free from discrimination and bullying, is the best kind of learning environment. 

Everyone is expected to follow this code.  Being exemplary citizens during school time and beyond is something we strive for. 

We expect everyone to:

  • be respectful and kind to every member of the community and contribute to their feeling of safety
  • be respectful of the school’s facility and grounds
  • make an effort to understand and respect different opinions and lifestyles
  • consistently try their best
  • respect others’ property
  • exhibit zero tolerance for bullying or similar behavior – always inform an appropriate adult (ie. member of staff)
  • dress appropriately for the school environment
  • carry a positive attitude
  • participate in acts that bring credit to the school
  • be positive role models
  • adhere to the expectations for conduct of the School District, including around the use of the internet

We expect that members of our community will not:

  • endanger themselves or others by bringing dangerous or illegal substances to school
  • interfere with others’ academic efforts
  • violate Academic Integrity (plagiarism or cheating)
  • engage in any acts of theft or vandalism
  • demonstrate any signs of bullying, intimidation, or harassment, whether face-to-face or electronically, including retribution against any person who has reported incidents
  • discriminate against any person, regardless of their gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or culture
  • engage in any threatening or violent behaviours

Forms of unacceptable conduct cited above are only some examples and not an all-inclusive list.

Disciplinary Action

Violations of the Code of Conduct may be followed by disciplinary action, depending on the particular circumstances and individual(s) involved. KLC will strive to deliver disciplinary action as a positive learning experience, rather than a punishment; however, constant violations of the Code of Conduct will result in progressive consequences and can include loss of privileges, parent involvement, and counselling.

Disciplinary action always includes notification of parents, school officials, and, when required by law, the police or other community agencies.

Regarding smoking and vaping, Kengard Learning Centre promotes the physical health of its community and does not support the practices of smoking and/or vaping.  We believe that science has successfully demonstrated that these activities are harmful to humans and so work to support one another in efforts to either stay away from or quit these habits.  Smoking and vaping are not permitted on school grounds.

Plagiarism Policy 

SCIDES teachers check to ensure our students do not plagiarize others’ work or use A.I. "bots" to generate content for them. Teachers will return any assignments containing uncited passages or thoughts and writing of another person or writing generator. Using the work of others in any manner without proper credit qualifies as plagiarism under this policy.

At SCIDES, if you are found to be guilty of plagiarism, as an initial measure, teachers will return your assignment, marked as incomplete. You will have a chance to re-do the assignment and are expected to be careful to avoid plagiarism in the future. A letter may be placed in your file. Please connect with your teacher for support in learning how to avoid plagiarism.

At SCIDES, any further instances of plagiarism, after the initial violation, will be given a mark of zero, with no opportunity for correction. Further instances of plagiarism may lead to withdrawal from the SCIDES course or even from the SCIDES program.

If you have any questions about the above policy, please contact the SCIDES Principal at 250-378-4245.