Great news for 2023!

SCIDES has been selected to be one of only a chosen number of schools to be a Provincial Online Learning School (POLS). This means that, starting July 2023 SCIDES will be one of the schools who can offer courses to students around the province. So if you have registered with us, you can be assured that you can continue to learn with us well beyond June 2023.

Want to get ahead for next year?  Need to catch up on courses that you were not able to complete?  Take advantage of both Summer and Fall learning courses.  Our Grade 10 - 12 courses a fully available for you, with teacher support throughout July and August.  And, if you need to keep working into the fall, that's ok too. 

If you are looking for Grade 8 or 9 courses, please discuss with your school counselor to ensure that your goals align with your school program in September. 

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From the BC Government News website, Mental Health and Addictions, Parents and caregivers in B.C. whose children have anxiety impacting their development and day-to-day happiness at home, school and in the community will soon have access to a new, free intervention program.

The program includes access to educational videos and weekly telephone coaching sessions and will be available starting April 29, 2019.

Serving parents and caregivers of children aged three to 12 years, the Anxiety Program — a new offering under the existing Confident Parents: Thriving Kids service — is designed to reduce the impact of anxiety on a child. It was developed locally by the Canadian Mental Health Association-BC Division (CMHA BC), in partnership with B.C. psychologists who specialize in child and youth mental health.

Read the full article here.