Parents play a big role in their children's education - especially with online learning for grades K-9. How do you know if learning at home / at a distance is the right choice for your child?

First of all, it is important to understand that online courses require the same amount of time as courses in traditional face-to-face schools. There are no shortcuts in education.  Of course, our students have the advantage of being able to choose their own learning path and have the freedom to cover the curriculum with topics that interest and inspire them, without worrying about scheduling conflicts!

Here are some useful guidelines and questions to ask about your child: 

  • Is your child self-disciplined and dedicated?
  • Is your child self-motivated? Students need to stay on top of their studies and not put them off because there is no scheduled class.
  • Does your child have time-management skills? While students have the freedom to set their own schedule, they still need to keep up with learning and handing in assignments.
  • Is your child curious?  Do they enjoy taking the occasional risk? We are talking about being curious and willing to try something that might be unfamiliar to them or that their friends are doing differently. The possibilities with e-learning are almost limitless and each and every student has the opportunity to find his or her passion along the way!

There are also a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are you able to spend time with your child on a regular, daily basis to help with coursework and make sure they are on track?
  • Do you check your own email account regularly so as not to miss any communication from your child’s teachers?
  • Can you help your child with establishing a study routine?
  • Are you able to provide a positive learning environment for your child?

Especially with younger, elementary-aged children, it's not always easy to know if they already possess some of those qualities - but if you feel that those qualities are in line with your family values, there is a good chance that online learning is a great fit. Self-discipline, motivation, time management and curiosity will not only help your child succeed in online learning, but also later in life.

A great resource for parents and students alike is the LearnNowBC website.