Many BC high school students appreciate the freedom and flexibility of completing their entire high school diploma, including all provincial exams, with SCIDES.

SCIDES is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating within the Nicola Valley School District 58 in Merritt BC.. You don’t have to live in the Merritt to be registered with SCIDES, or to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with distributed learning.

SCIDES accepts new student registrations throughout the year and unlike brick and mortar schools, SCIDES high school students can begin their online courses any time, not just when the semester changes. All of SCIDES courses are fully funded, are directed by BC teachers and meet all provincial learning outcomes. SCIDES high school students who complete their online (distributed) courses are eligible for BC Dogwood graduation and scholarships just as they would be at any other BC high school.

Online Distributed Education in BC

Enrollment with SCIDES for distributed learning courses is not restricted by class size and unlike traditional distance learning, all BC high school students can participate in a broad range of learning activities with their peers through virtual learning options such as online video conferencing and virtual classrooms.

Register today or call 1 800 663 3536 to learn more about distributed online learning options.