Program Overview

SCIDES is located in the Kengard Learning Centre (KLC), which houses a total of three schools:

  • The Community Learning Centre (CLC), an alternative education opportunity local students can attend (students who attend CLC can use the Hearts & Hands daycare for their children at no cost)
  • Continuing Ed, the program for adult learners
  • And finally SCIDES, the distributed education school.

You can find more information about the KLC here - and information about the programs we offer at SCIDES on this page.

School-aged children and adults throughout BC can take advantage of the personalized, flexible approach distributed education has to offer and enroll with us at SCIDES. Our programs include e-learning courses and paper-based courses for elementary students, and e-learning courses for middle and secondary years as well as adult learners looking to upgrade.

Paper-based or online - SCIDES offers the flexibility and support to help you succeed, true to our motto: Your Choice, Your Pace ~ Any Time, Any Place.

Elementary Programs (K-7)

SCIDES offers paper-based, blended and online learning courses for the elementary years, designed to meet the needs of each student individually. Personalization and flexibility ensure a perfect fit only distributed education can offer!

While a home-based facilitator does play a big role in student support, we also enhance the learning process through the extensive use of online tools for one-on-one assistance.

More About Our Elementary Programs

Middle Years (8-9)

Courses for grades 8 and 9 are delivered online, offering the flexibility you need to work at your own pace during those two important years. Of course our teachers are here to support you and will ensure you are well-prepared for the secondary years.

More About Our Middle Programs

Secondary Years (10-12)

As a student in grades 10 - 12 you have full-time and part-time options with SCIDES, both leading to graduation with the BC Dogwood Certificate.

Would you like to stay in your high school, but can’t fit in all your interests? Add flexibility to your school calendar by enrolling with SCIDES for select courses, that otherwise would not fit into your schedule. Attend high school and personalize your education through e-learning with us! SCIDES teachers work with high school counsellors across BC to offer students a wide variety of distributed learning courses. With cross enrollment, you can have the best of both worlds!

Another option for secondary students is full-time enrollment with SCIDES. Complete all requirements for graduation via distributed learning and find your passion along the way. You will have the full support of BC certified teachers and a huge variety of e-learning courses, enhanced by video-conferencing and individual learning plans. Distributed learning will adjust to your lifestyle, giving you the tools to successfully obtain a BC Dogwood Certificate.

More About Our Secondary Programs

BC Adult Online & Distributed Education

If you are past high school age and have not graduated yet, SCIDES is also the right choice for you. We offer education options for adults seeking to graduate, looking to upgrade their high school marks, or earn prerequisite credits for post-secondary programs.

The courses available to graduated adults are:

  • Biology 11 and 12
  • Chemistry 11 and 12
  • Communications 11 and 12
  • English 11 and 12
  • Math 11 (all levels)
  • Math 12  (Pre-Calculus)
  • Math 12, Foundations
  • Physics 11 and 12

Our home-based adult education won’t conflict with your work schedule, letting you proceed at your own pace. Although SCIDES is located in Merritt, our online high school courses are available to all adult BC residents wishing to take advantage of distributed learning for graduation or upgrading.

We pride ourselves to be the best solution for adult learners, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual education goals!

More About Our Adult Programs

Other programs

In addition to our grade K - 12 courses, we offer a variety of other programs to meet the needs of school-aged and adult learners across BC.

International Languages

We’ve partnered with Rosetta Stone, the largest language school in the Pacific Northwest, to offer you online courses in more than 30 languages and dialects. This cutting edge language-learning software offers you the fastest and most convenient way to learn a new language from the comfort of your home and the luxury of your own pace.

Our online language courses are available to students all over British Columbia. Fun, easy and affordable; just another reason to do education differently - online!

Explore a new way to learn a language online:

Rosetta Stone Version 3 - interactive lessons in reading, writing and speaking.

More About International Language Programs

Special Education

At SCIDES, we provide a welcoming learning environment and experience for all children.

If your child has special needs, he or she might not feel comfortable in a traditional school setting and home schooling might be a daunting option for you.

We provide a welcoming alternative at SCIDES, for student with diverse needs and abilities. Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Chronic Health Conditions and other challenges will find a nurturing learning environment, offering distributed learning programs with a special needs education option. Children are able to progress at their own pace in the comfort of their own homes, while still having peer support and the sense of community a conventional school would offer.

Once you register your child, one of our BC certified learning support teachers will help you create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to fit your child’s needs and abilities and will set him or her up for success.

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Aboriginal Education

SCIDES proudly honours the history and traditions of BC’s First Nations by offering our students the opportunity to attend various First Nations events throughout the school year. Those opportunities are available to our local students within School District 58. They contribute to the appreciation of Aboriginal ancestry and traditions and help non-Aboriginal students gain a better understanding of First Nations culture.

Events include guest speakers, workshops and visits to First Nation sites and we continually strive to expand our Aboriginal Education program.

In addition to the events, SCIDES employs an Aboriginal Student Support Teacher, who provides a number of services to First Nations students, such as academic, personal and home-school support, cultural group activities and information about unique opportunities available to Aboriginal students.

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Flex Ed

This program is available throughout the year and intended for students, who are experiencing learning difficulties. Flex Ed offers a great opportunity to finish courses that have been started, but not completed, due to several circumstances:

  • a need to strengthen knowledge and skills for a particular learning outcome in a specific core course
  • having missed a unit in the classroom due to illness, vacation or non-attendance
  • an incomplete grade “I” in a course

SCIDES will consult with the student’s school of record (SOR) and set up an individual program to be completed during a specific time period. The marks will be reported to the SOR upon completion, enabling the student to continue with his or her regular schedule in the meanwhile.

The specific needs and success of every student are important to our dedicated staff - we are here to support your education!

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