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  • Why choose SCIDES? +

    South Central Distance Education School has been a leader in distance education/distributed learning in British Columbia since 1990 (we are one of the original 6). SCIDES is a BC Public
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  • How do I register for a course at SCIDES? +

    There are two easy steps to sign up with SCIDES Choose the application below that fits your description Send in three supporting documents to SCIDES: proof of ID, proof of
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  • What kind of programs does SCIDES offer? +

    Program Overview SCIDES is located in the Kengard Learning Centre (KLC), which houses a total of three schools: The Community Learning Centre (CLC), an alternative education opportunity local students can
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  • What specific courses does SCIDES offer? +

      Elementary Middle Secondary Literacy Foundations Languages Other  
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  • What is the difference between Distributed Learning vs. Homeschooling? +

    The differences between Distributed Learning (DL) and Homeschooling programs are as follows: Distributed Learning Students: Homeschooled Children: Students are enrolled in a public or independent school distributed learning program where
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  • Can I do all my high school courses through SCIDES? +

    Many BC high school students appreciate the freedom and flexibility of completing their entire high school diploma, including all provincial exams, with SCIDES. SCIDES is a fully funded and accredited
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