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Our Tech Support is here to help you with any questions and difficulty regarding computer and software issues. We can generally assist with any computer or peripheral device (such as cameras) either supplied by SCIDES or necessary to complete SCIDES course work.

Before you contact us, please refer to our FAQs first, as most common issues can be solved that way. We strive to keep our FAQs updated and current and constantly add to the list! After you read through the FAQs and can’t locate a solution to your problem, try the following:

  •     Reboot your computer. Ensure your machine shuts down all the way, then turn it back on.
  •     Ensure everything is powered ON and connected properly.

Gather some information on your computer such as:

  •     Is this a School computer or your own personal one?
  •     What operating system are you using?
  •     What browser are you using if applicable? Internet Explorer/Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Other?
  •     When did the problem begin and were any changes applied to your system(s) immediately prior?

What is the exact error message if there is one? Please write this down or capture it in a screenshot if possible. Most importantly you need to be in front of the computer (with the issue) when you call. 

Our Tech Support Department

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