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We hope you had a fantastic Spring Break! We're thrilled to share our next educator of the month with you, Mrs. Cathy Southwell.

Mrs. Southwell, thank you for taking the time. Let's get started! Where are you from?

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Summer is approaching fast, and before we jump into our yearly celebrations in June, we want to share another exciting topic with you: Math! Yes, math is exciting, and not just for mathematicians. Math is used in many professions, including air traffic controller, architect, astronaut, forensic analyst, nuclear engineer, stockbroker, and urban planner.

But today we’re not talking about the careers that math makes possible (we talked about careers in general in one of our recent blogs), we want to highlight a few other interesting things for you.

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February was History Month at SCIDES, and we hope you had a chance to check out all the fantastic resources. All of North America celebrated Black History month, and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to check out this short video, where a 106-year-old black woman meets President Obama. (If you have seen it, watch it again - it's fantastic!). Now, let's move on to Math Month! We're excited about that, and it's not just because we plan on eating a lot of pie on 3/14.

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